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New enrollments in this degree program are no longer available.
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Bachelor of Business Administration

For students who wish to concentrate entirely on business studies, the department offers a Bachelor of Business Administration, a comprehensive education covering all areas of business and economics. Even without direct contact with technical content, students benefit from the interdisciplinary exchange with fellow students that only a technical university can offer.

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All following information is currently only available in German.
The module manual is available in German and English.

Module Manual

Programme structure

Curriculum overview

The curriculum overview provides information on the mandatory and elective modules in the programme, their scope and form of examination.

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Study plan

The study plan shows a possible allocation of modules within the standard period of study. The study plan is not a binding plan, but only a possibility.

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Curriculum in brief

The overview shows the elective and mandatory modules in economics and business administration in the bachelor programmes.

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Optimal and (almost) overlap-free study plan in the Bachelor

Optimal study plan

For a better planning of the bachelor's degree course, a timetable for the entire course of study can be found here. This plan is always a respective inventory and is not guaranteed for the future (Markow chain of first order).

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Optimal and (almost) overlap-free study plan in the Bachelor

Necessary first registration of the Bachelor thesis

The first registration for the Bachelor thesis is fixed at the end of the tenth semester. If the first issue has not been made by the end of the twelfth subject semester or is deemed not to have been made, the Bachelor's thesis is deemed not to have been passed for the first time.

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