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Bachelor of Business Administration with technical qualification (BWL tQ)

Students who would like to supplement a profound economic education with technical content can choose from five technical specializations in the Business Administration with Technical Qualification program. As future graduates, they are thus able to consider technical aspects in economic questions.

Technical specialisations can be selected:

Civil Engineering

Focus: structural theory, building construction, surveying

Computer Science

Focus: Software engineering and programming, data management systems or knowledge-based systems/artificial intelligence

Process Engineering

Focus: Bioprocess engineering, mechanical and thermal process engineering, apparatus engineering

Electrical Engineering

Focus: Introduction to communication networks, bus systems in automation technology, methods of soft control, electrical energy supply

Mechanical Engineering

Focus: Engineering mechanics, materials science, production technology

Programme structure

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The module manual is available in German and English.

Module Manual

Curriculum in brief

The overview shows the elective and mandatory modules in economics and business administration in the bachelor programmes.

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Optimal and (almost) overlap-free study plan in the Bachelor

Optimal study plan

For a better planning of the bachelor's degree course, a timetable for the entire course of study can be found here. This plan is always a respective inventory and is not guaranteed for the future (Markow chain of first order).

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Optimal and (almost) overlap-free study plan in the Bachelor

Necessary first registration of the Bachelor thesis

The first registration for the Bachelor thesis is fixed at the end of the tenth semester. If the first issue has not been made by the end of the twelfth subject semester or is deemed not to have been made, the Bachelor's thesis is deemed not to have been passed for the first time.

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