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Course Catalogue

Programme structure

Curriculum Overview

The curriculum overview provides information on the compulsory and optional modules in the programme, their scope and form of examination.

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Study Plan

The study plan shows a possible allocation of modules within the standard period of study. The study plan is not a binding plan, but only a possibility.

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Curriculum in brief

The overview shows the elective and mandatory modules in economics and business administration in the bachelor programmes.

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Optimal and (almost) overlap-free study plan in the Bachelor

Optimal study plan

For a better planning of the bachelor's degree course, a timetable for the entire course of study can be found here. This plan is always a respective inventory and is not guaranteed for the future (Markow chain of first order).

Only in German:

Optimal and (almost) overlap-free study plan in the Bachelor

Study project

In the bachelor's degree course in industrial engineering and management, a study project is to be completed as a scientific paper.According to the bachelor examination regulations a study project is defined as follows:A study project is a form of event that enables independent and coordinated work on related topics or problem contexts within a team and leads to corresponding substantial results. Teachers from different subject areas can work together.The examination takes the form of a written paper or a presentation.The scope of a study project is comparable to that of a project seminar or a simple student research project in the diploma programme.There is no time limit for a study project. According to the 6 ECTS credits, a study project is set at 180 hours per person.Offers of study projects (in the economic field) can be found in the Bachelor's degree program in Industrial Engineering and Management at KIS. In most cases, however, you have to contact the chairs/departments directly in order to work on a study project.If the study project is completed in the technical field, the bachelor thesis must be done in the Faculty of Business Studies and economics and vice versa.

Application forms are also available at the examination office. 

Necessary first registration of the Bachelor thesis

The first registration for the Bachelor thesis is fixed at the end of the tenth semester. If the first issue has not been made by the end of the twelfth subject semester or is deemed not to have been made, the Bachelor thesis shall be deemed not to have been passed for the first time.

Transitional period:

For students who are enrolled in the winter semester 2016/2017 in the third or higher semester of the Business Administration with Technical Qualification course at the TU Kaiserslautern, the following deviating transitional regulation applies: The end of the winter semester 2020/2021 is determined as the registration deadline.

Basic technical internship

For the bachelor's degree programs in industrial engineering and management in the fields of

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Environmental and process engineering
  • Electrical Engineering

a 6-week basic technical internship is required as a prerequisite for admission to the course. Proof of the internships must be submitted by the end of the 4th semester.The six weeks can be completed separately and at different companies. There are internships at almost all companies that offer apprenticeships. The internship places are to be searched independently.Internship reports, certificates etc. are not required. The proof of internship is to be handed in at the dean's office (Geb.42, Raum 126).If the submission is not received by the end of the 4th semester, the admission will be withdrawn.


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