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Master Business Administration with technical Qualification

An addition that makes the difference: The Master's degree course, which is unique in Germany, enables students to include technical aspects in the solution of complex economic problems and to take on management tasks in companies.

Programme structure

Research Project

The research project is a form of course that accompanies the course of study and enables students to work independently and in a coordinated manner on related topics or problems according to the chosen course of study in the field of economics or technical studies, either individually or in groups (usually up to a maximum of four students). A research project should not exceed the duration of two semesters. An interdisciplinary research project can be approved upon application. The board of examiners decides on the admission and subject classification of the research project when the application is submitted. The application for the research project will be completed by the supervisor (professor) by the topic of the research project and the date of issue, signed and immediately forwarded to the Examination Office.

There are no other requirements regarding content or form.

The research project has 9 LP (length: 270 h).


An internship in business administration is required for the master's degree program in business administration.

Duration: 12 weeks

The internship must be economical, otherwise the fields of application are arbitrary. The working day must be at least 20 hours. 40-hour weeks do not reduce the number of weeks!

The internship can be separated in time and completed at different companies. The internship places are to be looked for independently. The internship is part of the course of study and must be completed by the end of the course.

The completedForm must be submitted to the Examinations Office after being signed by the academic advisor (Dean's Office, Faculty of Business Administration, building 42, room 126).

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Transfer from Bachelor to Master within the TUK

If you want to change from a Bachelor's to a Master's programme, this is called a change of programme. For this purpose, the application must be submitted online within the application deadlines.

Application for change of study programme

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