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The Master's programme is directly linked to the contents of the previous Bachelor's programme, but leaves you greater freedom and takes your professional interests into account. In the economics part of the Master's programme, for example, you can choose from a wide range of topics. The economics curriculum is complemented by a lecture series and in-depth lectures from the fields of economics, law, strategic management, quantitative methods and a free elective area. In the technical part of the master's programme, the technical specialisation of the previous bachelor's programme is continued with a specialisation in engineering. An important pillar of the Master's programme is research-based learning with seminars, a research project and the Master's thesis. With a Master's degree you are entitled to do a doctorate and are qualified to take on demanding tasks in specialist and management positions.

Key data on the course

The curriculum of the Master's programme comprises a core module in economics and law, two economics majors, one engineering major, seminars and a research project. After a standard period of study of four semesters, the programme is concluded with a Master's thesis in economics.

Knowledge of foreign languages

English (C1)

Job-related internships

An economic internship of at least twelve weeks must be completed.

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