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General Information

Permitted Writing Aids

In all exams:

  • Non-red pens,
  • No pencil,
  • Non-programmable calculator,
  • No internet-connected device,
  • Set square, ruler,
  • In exams that are only offered in English: a dictionary that contains no handwritten notes.

Additionally, in Quantitative Methods you may use a single A4-sheet of paper with handwritten notes on both sides.


Always refer to the KIS  for up-to-date information regarding all exams.

The following information is for convenience only and reflects the understanding of the chair

For any legally binding information you must always consult the examination office


Starting with the summer term of 2022, the range of courses that we offer for master's level students will be revised. From this point in time, we are going to offer the following 4.5 CP modules that are eligible for a specialization (Wirtschaftswissenschaftlicher Profilbereich) in Intelligence, Operations & Logistics:

Except for Electronic Markets, each module corresponds to exactly one lecture (and examination). These modules can be taken indepdently from each other.


Electronic Markets

The module Electronic Markets is different: it consists of parts 1 to 4 of which exactly 3 parts (each 1.5 CP) must be selected to form a feasible 4.5 CP module. The grade of Electronic Markets is determined by the points achieved in each part. The details are handled by the examination regulations and module handbook. In particular, the following rules apply to Electronic Markets:

  • There is no final grade for each part; only for the entire 4.5 CP module.
  • The module must be passed as a whole. In case of failure, the module must be repeated as a whole.
  • All partial examinations that contribute to the module must be taken during the same examination period (refer to § 12 of the examination regulations):
    • For the winter term, the examination period generally ranges from November 16th until May 15th of the following year.
    • For the summer term, the examination period generally ranges from May 16th until November 15th.

At the examination office it is only necessary to register the main module "Electronic Markets" (not the individual parts that contribute to the module).


For students from any other departments (e.g., Computer Science, Mathematics, Erasmus)

The information that was presented above is primarly intended for students of Betriebswirtschaftslehre or Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen. If you study something different then we are not aware of the regulations that might apply to you. To avoid any problems, it is recommended that you contact your examination office (during the exam registration period) in order to verify your eligibility for individual exams or modules.


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