Business Information Systems & Operations Research

Management Science (Operations Research)

Lecturers are:

Prof. Dr. Oliver Wendt
Dr. habil. Mahdi Moeini
Daniel Schermer

Summer Term 2022

ID of the lecture parts: WIW-BWL-MS1-M-1 and WIW-BWL-MS2-M-1 (former WIW-BWL-OPR1-M-1 and WIW-BWL-OPR2-M-2)To have access to the OLAT page, you should first register in . Before the first session, you will receive the access code by e-mail or will be added to the OLAT paage of the course.


All further information regarding the course and materials can be found in OpenOLAT.  Lecture dates published in the OLAT calendar have priority over dates as stated in KIS. Any changes in the schedule of lectures/exercises/tutorials will be published and/or communicated through OLAT.


The exam assignments are in English (with a German translation). The assignments may be answered in English or in German (whichever you prefer).

Ruler and non-programmable calculator can be used and are recommended.

Forbidden materials are: all materials and topics dealt with in lectures, lecture recordings, exercises, tutorials, any additional paper, any internet-connected device. You should not answer the assignments by red pen or pencil.

You can find on OLAT a forum for questions and answers.

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