Lehrstuhl für BWL, insbesondere Logistik

Lecture Scheduling

General information

  • Lecturer: Dr. Julia Lange, Julia Wahlen
  • Term: Summer term
  • Course number: WIW-LOG-SC-K-7
  • Language: Englisch
  • Requirements: None
  • Credit points: 4,5 CP
  • Examination: Written Exam (60 min)
  • Examination cycle: two exam options in the term of the course (no exam in terms without the course)


Learning materials and further information will be published via the Olat page and KIS.


The following topics will be discussed:

  • Classification and complexity of scheduling problems
  • Exact and heuristic solution procedures
  • Single and Parallel machine problems
  • Flow Shop, Job Shop and Open Shop problems
  • Applications of basic scheduling algorithms in logistics
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