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Living in Kaiserslautern

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Semester dates


SemesterStart of the semester Lectures start Lectures end End of the semester Period of exams
Summer term 01.04.April July 30.09.July - August
Winter term 01.10.October February 31.03.February - March




The Faculty

  • high quality education in a top ranked university in Germany
  • very modern technical equipment
  • research institutes with great reputation, e.g. the Fraunhofer Institute, the DFKI (Deutsches Forschungszemtrum für künstliche Intelligenz, Max Planck Institue (MPI)
  • lots of student activities e.g. sports, journeys and various cultural highlights of the region
  • International Office will provide you broad support in any request




The University

  • Future-oriented courses, practical education and modern infrastructure
  • Roughly 14,000 students
  • Close contact to the professors
  • Fully equipped with latest state-of-the-art technology in libraries, laboratories, and computer labs
  • The university has acquired a remarkable reputation in the German university landscape and is ranked as one of the country's top universities.




Kaiserslautern - in the heart of Europe

  • Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, excellent vineyards, ancient Roman cities and castles from the Middle Ages
  • Ideal starting point for discovering the continent
  • An excellent public transport system makes it easy to travel around, i.e. Paris: 3 hour train ride or a free ride to Heidelberg with your student ID
  • 3 nearby airports with cheap offers to many European countries can be reached in one hour.
  • 2 big international airports can be reached in one hour, too.




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