List of Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

The language of the exams is directly related to the language used within a course.

In courses that are offered in German, the exam will be given in German (and possibly English such that questions can be answered in either German or English).

In courses that are offered in English, the exam will be given in English (and possibly German such that questions can be answered in either English or German).

As of right now, our exams do not contain any multiple choice questions.

However, this is no guarantee for a permanent state.

As exams are always changing, we are unable to give any information about this questions.

If a learning agreement has been prepared, the relevant course must be passed abroad.

If the learning agreement only covers a course partially, the remaining part must be passed at the TUK.

Exam Results

Due to specifications of the examination office, results might not be published one month before the respective lecture period.

Information about the exam inspection will be available at the home page of the chair shortly after the results are available in QIS.

If you can not participate in the exam inspection that is offered by the chair, you should appoint an authorized person to inspect your exam for you.

Supplementary Oral Examination

After taking the necessary steps at your examination office, you should get in contact with the respective adjunct lecturer to schedule an appointment.

As a general rule, oral examinations take place two weeks after the general exam inspection.

Usually, the examination takes 20 to 30 minutes and consists of discussing about the contents of the lecture and working on exemplary tasks.

Everything that is relevant for the written examination is also relevant for the oral examination.

It might be possible, that these are taken into account.

Whichever language you prefer.