You can find below an overview of the main areas covered by the Chair of Financial Management.


Asset Pricing

This area of finance studies how the prices of assets are determined. Among the topics studied in asset pricing, we analyze:

  • the performance of asset pricing models
  • the predictability of stock market anomalies
  • how efficient the markets.

Example of a study in the area:

Analyst Recommendations and Mispricing Across the Globe, with Sebastian Müller.

Behavioral Finance

Behavioral finance is the study of how emotions and cognitive biases can affect the decision-making of investors. As an example of topic covered by the field, we analyze how investor sentiment and other behavioral biases, such as self-attribution and overconfidence, can generate mispricing in the stock market.

Example of a study in the area:

Investor Sentiment and the Time-varying Sustainability Premium, with Christoph Kaserer and Lucila M. S. Campos, Journal of Asset Management, 2021.


Quantitative Finance

Quantitative finance uses mathematical models as well as large datasets to examine the financial markets and securities. Among the methods that are popular in quantitative finance, machine learning and deep learning are receiving great attention as one of the most innovative and fastest developing computer technologies that can be explored to solve problems related to finance.

Example of a study in the area:

Enhancing stock market anomalies with machine learning, with Christopher Hoegner, Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, 2022.