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There are three easy ways to get in touch with us:

1. Drop in: Mon.-Thurs. 09- 17:00 Gottlieb-Daimler-Straße 42, Building 42, Room 122, 67663 Kaiserslautern

2. Telephone advice: Call us on the following number: +49 631 205 3734

3. Video consultation: To make an appointment, send an e-mail to dekanat-hiwi(at)

All about studying

Under "All about studying" you will find all information about the degree programmes Business Administration, Business Administration with technical qualification and Industrial Engineering and Management as well as information about examinations and everything that is relevant to your studies.


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All about research

The research profile is based on the individual profiles of the departments. In addition, interdisciplinary topics, such as sustainable corporate management, are also addressed. There are cooperative relationships with other departments or affiliated institutes and other universities, particularly in the case of third-party funded projects.


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All about the faculty

The faculty is home to a total of 17 departments (chairs) in the fields of business administration, economics and law. The department receives organisational support from the Dean's Office. The student council represents the students in all matters relating to studying and teaching.


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