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Under "All about studies" you will find all information about the study programmes Business Administration, Business Administration with Technical Qualification and Industrial Engineering and Management as well as information about exams and everything that is relevant to your studies.

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All about the Faculty

The Faculty is home to 17 departments (chairs) in the fields of business administration, economics and law. The faculty is supported by the dean's office. The student representative council represents the students in all matters of study and teaching.

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All about Research

The research profile results from the individual profiles of the fields of research. In addition, cross-disciplinary topics such as sustainable corporate management are also dealt with. Especially in the case of externally funded projects, there are cooperative relationships with other departments or affiliated institutes and other universities.

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Doctoral Studies / Ph.D. Programme

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We offer studying in an international environment within the Haass Summer School and non-routine forms of events such as seminars on old traditional sailing vessels. The graduation will be honoured at the Academic Annual Celebration.


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Sailing Seminars

Academic Annual Celebration

Practice meets Science

Practitioners from the business world report in lectures.
Guest auditors are welcome.


Alumni talks

What's life like after university? Where will you be in a few years? That makes it all the more interesting to see where graduates have arrived today and what experiences they have had since starting their careers.



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