Master Studies

In the courses for master's students, the focus is on financial management and capital markets research including such topics as asset management, asset pricing, behavioral finance, and quantitative finance. The objective of the chair is to promote students and produce research to help to develop the region and make the capital markets fairer and more efficient.

The courses of the chair are incorporated in the field of specialization "Financial Management and Accounting“.

The central lecture of the Chair of Financial Management in the master's program is Asset Pricing and Portfolio Optimization.

Our range of courses in the master's studies is complemented by master thesis's and the seminar: Master Seminar in Finance and Data Science. In this seminar, the students will learn about empirical finance and programming languages, with a focus on R.


The field of specialization «Financial Management and Accounting» is offered in cooperation with the Chair of Externes Rechnungswesen (Prof. Dr. Kai Alexander Bauch).

Please note:

  • Students of BWL, BWLtQ  and WI according to the new examination regulations (4-semesters) need 22 ECTS to complete the specialization.
  • Students of WI according to the old examination regulations (3-semesters) need 13 ECTS complete the specialization.
  • Thereof 4 ECTS relate to the master seminar, which has to be completed at the Chair of Externes Rechnungswesen or the Chair of Financial Management.

The figure below illustrates the courses to take in order to complete the specialization. Regarding the seminars, students have to choose between accounting and finance. We are continously working on the expansion of the program. If you choose the field of specialization "Management Accounting" as well, you should bring in alternative courses instead of Managerial Accounting Practices I & II at this point. In this case, please contact us directly. We are i.a. planning the one-time offer of a 6 ECTS course "Investment Management and Sustainable Finance" in the summer semester 2023.

Asset Pricing and Portfolio Optimization
Master Seminar
Master Theses