New Venture Insights (3LP)

After successful completion of the module, students will have gained deep insights into the daily life of a start-up company and will be able to link the theories of entrepreneurship to real-life scenarios from their own experiences. The deep dive into start-up practice and theory allows students to develop a deep understanding of the field of entrepreneurship and guides them to apply their knowledge gained in practice to research and, vice versa, to apply their knowledge of research and theories of entrepreneurship in practice for their work or their own entrepreneurial venture.

In this course, students complete a short-term internship of at least 80 teaching hours in a young company proposed by themselves, where they are actively involved in the daily life and challenges of the startup. The subject of the course is also the writing of a reflection paper (10 teaching hours). In this reflection paper, students have to firstly present their daily life in the startup and the startup itself, secondly summarize a self-selected academic paper in the field of entrepreneurship from a renowned journal (e.g. VHB-JOURQUAL3 A+/A/B or from a FT50 journal, and in the last part combine and link their findings from the paper with their collected experiences from the startup. In doing so, solution approaches can be elaborated for problems from practice with findings from theory, or theories found can be proven or disproven by the students' own collected experiences from practice. A synthesis of theory and practice takes place.

The participating startups can be both university and external startups that are either already incorporated or have already received external funding, e.g. within the framework of EXIST funding. If there are calls for applicants from startups on our website, then the startups can of course be contacted via that, otherwise the students have to take care of finding a suitable startup themselves.



Part 1: Practical phase:

  • selection of a suitable startup, contacting and organizing the practical phase
  • execution of the practical phase with active participation in the daily business of the startup
  • ongoing collection of the gained experiences for later use in the context of the elaboration of the reflection paper

Part 2: Literature research:

  • selection of a suitable scientific paper in the field of entrepreneurship from a renowned journal
  • preparation and summary of the content of the selected paper

Part 3: Elaboration of the reflection paper:

  • written elaboration of the presentation of their daily life in the startup and the startup itself
  • summary of the self-selected scientific paper in the field of entrepreneurship
  • concluding the reflection paper by linking the insights from the paper with the collected experiences from the startup
  • in the process of linking, e.g. solution approaches can be elaborated for problems from practice with findings from theory, or theories found can be proven or disproven by the students' own collected experiences from practice.


SWSShort-term internship full or part-time
ECTS Credits3
Teaching languageEnglisch
Registration requiredyes, via E-Mail
Focus areaEntrepreneurship


ContactGiuliano Ciavarella M.Sc.



This course is held in English. Before taking this course, at least one entrepreneurship course from the focus area Entrepreneurship must have been successfully completed!


We at greenable develop a product-level CO2 management software and are looking for support in the areas of sustainability and marketing.

We are a young green tech startup with flat hierarchies, office in Kaiserslautern but distributed team, a large coffee stock and an even bigger vision. Besides our emerging software, we can offer you a culture full of trust, appreciation, learning and ambitious optimism. You can always proactively contribute with your ideas and actively shape our development.

To the call for applications from greenable


Mentalport is a mental health startup from Kaiserslautern/Mannheim. We make psychological help suitable for everyday life and develop an app platform that - like an enhanced version of Siri - enables personalised and AI-based mental health instant coaching, imitating and enhancing a human coach. As an employee offering, we work with various companies and enable legal compliance through integrated mental stress risk assessment. Feel free to visit us at

Our team of 13 consists of psychologists, software engineers and data scientists and is currently looking for new team members! We love what we do & share a passion for making mental health fit for everyday life. We work with Flutter, which you can also learn with us. You can also gain or already have experience in Data Science.

To the call for applications from Mentalport


We are an innovative startup. Our founders are cool. We make products or services. We've only been around for a short time. We have received funding. Our investors are very well known.

We are Headis GmbH. Our CEO Dr. René Wegner invented Headis and built the sport/brand up to collaborations with Stefan Raab and 1.6 billion views worldwide.

We have also developed other brands / licenses such as HesherBall and Catch - I. And won the German Design and German Innovation Award with them. We are constantly developing more new projects.

We have received Exist funding and have a very diverse, highly qualified investor portfolio.

We are looking for a project support for different license areas. The study project can be done full time or part time in a home office. Of course you can also visit us and work on site.

To the call for applications from HEADIS


Startup Westpfalz e.V. is a voluntary association in Kaiserslautern, which has made it its business to strengthen the network of founders. Here we act according to the principle "by founders for founders" and support the exchange of experiences and ideas.

You are studying economics or social sciences and would like to finally apply your learned knowledge. You like to meet new people and know how to present ideas convincingly. You are interested in the diversity of startups and would like to lead them to success and accompany them on their way. You are an organizational talent and can quickly familiarize yourself with new topics.

Then we are the right place for you!

To the call for applicaions from Startup Westpfalz e.V.