Bachelor Theses

Application and assignment are done via the department's regular process via KIS.

1. Topics

We welcome you to write a thesis at our chair.
Theses are regularly offered in these topic areas:

  • Digital Entrepreneurship, Business Models, and Performance
  • Artificial Intelligence in Entrepreneurship and Strategy
  • Entrepreneurial Finance, Crowdfunding, and ICOs
  • Digital Transformation, Platforms, and Analytics
  • Digital User Behavior and Social Media Strategy

2. Application and Process

  • The application for bachelor theses of the department usually takes place in the last week before the start of lectures. Please inform yourself on the pages of the department:
  • At the beginning of the lecture period you will receive the acceptance or rejection.
  • Within the first two weeks of the semester, there is a joint kick-off meeting for admitted students, which provides the basics for the work and clarifies questions.
  • During the kick-off there will also be a selection of topics that will be divided among the students. The topics are basically within the research focus of the chair.
  • The duration of the project and the deadline are determined by the examination regulations and the registration date - as a rule, the processing time is at least 2-3 months.

3. General Conditions

  • Theses at the chair have to be written in English language
  • Systematic literature reviews are regularly assigned as theses
  • Theses in conjunction with practice partners are not possible for Bachelor theses due to the very short processing period.
  • There is a predefined number of topics, which is divided among the admitted students. A topic will be worked on individually.

4. Final Presentations

All students present the results of their work in a colloquium towards the end of the semester.

5. Submission

Within or, at the latest, by the end of the official processing period, each student will hand in the following material:

  • To the chair and to the Department of Examination Affairs, via e-mail:
    • 2 PDF files of your thesis in one named version and one anonymous version.
    • Use the following syntax (where XX are the initials of your advisor):
      • BA_2020SoSe_XX_lastname_title.pdf ("normal" version).
      • BA_2020Se_XX_anonymous_title.pdf (anonymous version).
      • Example:
      • BA_2020SoSe_GC_Mueller_Evolution of TAM.pdf.
      • BA_2020SoSe_GC_anonymous_Evolution of TAM.pdf. 
  • At the Department of Examination Affairs, physical:
    • Two hardcopy copies of the thesis
    • One of the hardcopy copies must include a CD-ROM or USB stick, on which are stored:
      • Your thesis in a named version (PDF and Word)
      • Your thesis in an anonymous version (PDF and Word)
      • All Excel, SPSS, Stata, Atlas.ti, or other raw data used as the basis for calculations referenced in the final paper
      • All accessible data (xls, doc, pdf) and export from Zotero resources as Zotero RDF with files
      • All documents taken from the Internet (esp. web pages) in PDF format
      • All other documents (e.g. articles from scientific journals) available in electronic format
      • The data carrier should be attached to the last cover page of one of the bound copies in a suitable envelope
      • All remaining (paper form) documents must be retained and made available as needed until the grade has been officially communicated
    • How to submit:
      • by personally posting it to the mailbox
      • by mail 
      • by personally handing it in at the Department of Examination Affairs
    • Covid Exception: Digital submission may be emailed in advance (no later than the last possible submission date) as a pdf file to meet the deadline. In this case, two printed, bound versions must be submitted within two weeks. However, due to the Corona situation, this regulation is limited until the end of WS 2022/2023 (31.03.2023). For more information, see

6. Templates

  • Word format templates, citation templates as well as further instructions for theses will be made available via OLAT
  • We recommend the use of the free literature management system Zotero: