Startups and Entrepreneurship (6 CP)

In the lecture series "Startups and Entrepreneurship," entrepreneurial strategies and practices are introduced. Participants learn about various business models and how they can be developed for the economic utilization of technology and patents. Additionally, the steps involved in the founding process are explained, and financing options for entrepreneurs are discussed. The course imparts knowledge on marketing options available to startups, the emergence of innovation capabilities within a company, and the development of marketable technologies. Challenges faced by startups in terms of leadership, organization, and personnel management are also addressed during the course. Furthermore, participants learn what to consider in the growth of young companies and the challenges and opportunities that arise from digitalization. The lecture series is enriched by inspiring talks from experienced entrepreneurs and investors, providing practical insights into the business world.



ECTS credits6
Teaching languagegerman
Registration requiredyes, via KIS
ContactGiuliano Ciavarella M.Sc.



This course is held in German.
It is a face-to-face course. The examination will be done as a portfolio examination over the whole semester.
The kick-off will take place on 25.04.24 from 17h - 20h in room 42-115.
The kick-off event is a required event, so attendance is mandatory.
Official registration for the course is through Olat!
The access code for the Olat course will be announced at the kick-off event on 25. 04. 2024.