13 good reasons to study at the RPTU in Kaiserslautern

10 reasons to study at the School of Business and Economics

1. Three consecutive degree programmes in the field of business studies and economics

The Department of business studies and economics offers three system-accredited consecutive Bachelor's-Master's degree programmes:

  •   Business Administration (B.Sc., M.Sc.)
  •   Business Administration with Technical Qualification (B.Sc., M.Sc.)
  •   Industrial Engineering and Management (B.Sc., M.Sc.)

2. Diverse specialisations in the business administration-tQ and industrial engineering and management degree programmes

Not only do the individual degree programmes in themselves offer a diverse range of studies, but the following, five technical specialisations in the BWL-tQ and industrial engineering degree programme also expand the interesting range of courses.

  • Civil Engineering (BWLtQ only)
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Energy and process engineering
  • Chemistry (industrial engineering and management only)

3. All close together

The department is home to a total of 17 subject areas (chairs) in the fields of business administration, economics and law. The department is supported organisationally by the Dean's Office. The student council represents the students in all matters concerning studies and teaching. These areas, which are in some ways separate, mesh like the teeth of a cogwheel and thus enable smooth studies with short distances.

4. Master's programme offers

After successfully completing the Bachelor's degree, the way is paved for further Master's studies at the RPTU. A variety of elective options offer the opportunity to deepen the knowledge gained in the Bachelor's degree according to one's own inclinations and to choose corresponding areas in business and also technology.


5. Be active

Not only are the studies at the Department of Business and Economics varied, but the student groups and initiatives also actively shape everyday student life. These range from the planning and implementation of company contact fairs to the organisation of stays abroad and student business consulting.

AEGEE - European Students' Forum
AIESEC - International Organisation of Students of Economic Sciences
Aktienfieber e.V. - Stock Exchange Association of the TU Kaiserslautern
ATM Consultans e.V. - student management consultancy
bonding - student initiative e.V.
KaRaT - Kaiserslautern Racing Team e.V. of the TU Kaiserslautern
STEP e.V. - student association for the promotion of international contacts of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics
Treffpunkt - The company contact fair
VWI - Association of German Industrial Engineers e.V. - university group KL
Student Council - student representation and contact for all matters concerning studies

6. Platform for internships and jobs after graduation

Attractive internships in Germany and abroad are offered by a wide range of companies on the department's own careers page. Current job offers during and after the studies are also published in accordance with the respective profile. In this way, a wide range of contacts in science and society pave the way for a career start at an early stage.

7. Research and teaching go hand in hand

Thanks to our internationally renowned lecturers in research and teaching, the high quality of the degree programmes at the School of Business and Economics is also recognised as excellent beyond national borders.

8. Stays abroad made easy

As varied as studying at TUK and in particular at the Department of Business and Economics may be, it is all the more exciting to deepen the experience gained in a semester abroad. The Department of Business and Economics places great emphasis on internationality. The department's own "International Office" is where everything comes together. Here you are not left alone, but are supported from A to Z in the planning and implementation of your semester abroad. 36 partner universities from 21 countries offer a wide selection.

9. Proximity to students through active event organisation by the professors

The proximity of the professors to the students is brought about by appropriate events and workshops. Events such as "Professoren ein laden" also lead to direct contact in an informal atmosphere. An annual highlight is the annual academic celebration with the honouring of the Bachelor's and Master's graduates.

10. Attractive seminar programme at the RPTU

Not only do the degree programmes at RPTU offer a broad insight into economic contexts, but special formats in teaching, such as the economics sailing seminar offered, round off the range of courses.


3 Reasons for studying in Kaiserslautern

1. Short distances at a campus university

Due to the structure as a campus university, all 16 faculties of the RPTU in Kaiserslautern are located in one coherent area. This means that students have short distances, free access roads and all forms of travel options.


2. University sports

University sports at the RPTU in Kaiserslautern shape university life through the disproportionately large range of weekly sports events as well as tournaments and social events. The popular Chill & Grill at the beach volleyball courts during the summer months is particularly worth mentioning. In addition to the fun factor, university sport also offers some of our students the opportunity to support their studies financially. The programmes offered by Kaiserslautern's university sports have already won several awards nationwide.


3. Real estate market in Kaiserslautern

In Kaiserslautern, with its approximately 100,000 inhabitants, finding a place to live is relatively easy and inexpensive compared to other German cities. So nothing stands in the way of starting your studies.

The Studierendenwerk manages approximately 2,040 places in residential complexes in Kaiserslautern.