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Master Business Administration and Engineering

The Master's degree program in Business Administration and Engineering is a research-oriented academic degree program that leads to a second professional academic degree and is part of the consecutive Bachelor's-Master's degree program.

As in the Bachelor's degree, the course is based on the interdisciplinarity between economics and engineering, but aims to enable students to work scientifically and methodically, to impart theoretical-analytical skills and to enable them to adapt openly and creatively to new conditions in professional life and to critically classify and apply scientific knowledge in a targeted manner. Graduates acquire the specialist, methodological and interdisciplinary skills required to deal with new complex tasks and problems and to work independently in research or in a strategy-oriented professional field of activity, as well as a broad and integrative knowledge of economics and engineering. They will be able to use these skills to fulfill practical professional tasks.

In addition, graduates should be able to apply the knowledge they have acquired by applying and justifying certain research methods to a designed research question and assess their contribution to the relevant sub-discipline. Graduates should be able to apply the theoretical knowledge and skills they have acquired to entrepreneurial problems in line with requirements and situations and develop their own solutions based on established theories and methods. The Master's degree program builds on the subject areas already known from the Bachelor's degree programs and deepens the technical and economic content in roughly equal proportions in the curriculum. The chosen technical specialization is retained. However, thanks to the wide range of options, each student is free to put together an individual course of study according to their interests and career plans.

In terms of methodology, the Master's degree program at the Department of Business Administration and Economics takes account of students' personal responsibility, independence and self-reflection by switching to research-based learning: the focus here is on independent research work in the form of seminar papers, a research project and the final Master's thesis. Thanks to their interdisciplinary skills, industrial engineers are in demand in many industries. Master's graduates are particularly recommended for challenging tasks in specialist and management positions within business and industry.

In addition, a Master's degree entitles graduates to a doctorate not only in economics (Dr. rer. pol.), but also in chemistry, computer science and engineering (Dr. rer. nat, Dr.-Ing.) and thus opens up the possibility of pursuing a career in science.

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