Bachelor of Business Administration with technical qualification (BWL tQ)

The program of business administration with technical qualification is designed similarly to a classic business administration program. In addition to the primarily economic education, the curriculum is complemented by subjects from a technical area, enabling students to focus on technical aspects within the field of business administration. Graduates are thus capable of considering technical aspects in economic issues both in academic and professional practice. The bachelor's program in business administration with a technical qualification primarily equips students to independently identify economic problems, develop solutions based on scientific principles, and devise alternative courses of action. The program provides insight into corporate decisions at strategic, organizational, and analytical levels. Students should be able to compare and evaluate central models and theories of economic and technical profile areas, as well as critically assess them. Furthermore, students should have acquired and be able to recall large amounts of theoretical and methodological knowledge, understand new scientific problems and tasks, and apply learned knowledge to them. In basic lectures from the technical field, students also gain a detailed insight into the essential ways of thinking in the technical discipline. Moreover, through the creation of seminar papers and the presentation of results jointly in groups, students should have made decisions, set priorities, and distributed tasks. Each individual should have taken responsibility for themselves or their own task within the group. Additionally, students should be able to develop their own solution approaches based on established theories and methods, recognize interdisciplinary problems, and develop possible contributions of business administration to solving such problems. Furthermore, students should reflect on the societal background of business administration and explain its significance for the present.

As technical specializations, the following options are available:


Civil engineering


Further specializations: Structural engineering, building construction, surveying

Computer science


Further specializations: Software engineering and programming, data management systems or knowledge-based systems/artificial intelligence

Process engineering

Further specializations: Bioprocess engineering, mechanical and thermal process engineering, apparatus engineering

Electrical engineering 


Further specializations: Introduction to communication networks, bus systems in automation technology, soft control methods, electrical power supply

Mechanical engineering 

Further specializations: Technical mechanics, materials science, production technology

Business administration with technical qualification at RPTU

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