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"In examinations the foolish ask questions that the wise cannot answer.”


Exam registration and deregistration in QIS

Registration for the economic bachelor seminars

Registration for the Bachelor's seminars takes place at the end of the previous semester via the KIS Office.

The application for a seminar place takes place over several application rounds. In each application round, applications are made for one seminar place. Multiple applicants will be removed from the application process.

Registration for the bachelor seminars will take place from January 26, 2024 via the KIS Office at:

Economics/Seminars/Bachelor seminar registrations SoSe 2024

Registration for the bachelor's seminar is possible until January 31, 2024 at 12:00 pm.

Each prospective student may only apply once (in capital letters: E I N M A L) for a Bachelor's seminar in the 2024 summer semester. They are guaranteed a place on those seminars that suffer from a lack of demand. Anyone who applies twice will be removed from the allocation procedure. Please take note! Stupidity or cheekiness should not be rewarded by increasing the probability of participation.

If the seminars are full, the chairs will select the participants. Those who are not "selected" have the opportunity to apply for free seminar places in a second round. An individual request will be sent by e-mail. Please note that it is the rhrk address to which the e-mail is sent.

New: Chairs that offer courses in the winter semester generally do not offer courses in the summer semester and vice versa.

How does registration and deregistration work at the Examination Office of bachelor's seminars?

Registration for Master's seminars, Master's theses, study and research projects

Registrations for Master's seminars, Master's theses, study and research projects are made directly with the teaching departments; for Master's theses, study and research projects, the corresponding registration forms must be submitted to the Department of Examination Affairs.


Application form Bachelor WI study Project

Application form research project Master BWL/BWL tQ

Application form research project Master WI

The registration form for the Master's thesis is only available from the Department of Examination Affairs.

Registration for the semester-accompanying (combined) portfolio examinations

Registration for the semester-accompanying (combined) portfolio examinations is required at the beginning of the lecture period. There is a form for this purpose, which must be submitted to the module coordinator by the date set by him/her.


to the form:

Registration for the portfolio exam

Cancellation is possible without giving reasons up to the 7th day after the registration date with the module coordinator. After the 8th day, the registration will be reported to the responsible department for examination matters and recorded in QIS. Any work not completed after this date will be assessed as failed.

Provisional examination dates in the summer semester 2024

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Only the information in the QIS and HIS is binding!

Applications for the WiWi bachelor theses

The allocation procedure for the summer semester starts on Thursday, April 04, 2024 at 00.00 hrs,


Students who would like to write an economics bachelor thesis in summer 2024 can register from then on.

Please use all preferences, an automatic allocation procedure is used that minimizes overall dissatisfaction or, in positive terms, maximizes overall happiness. Arrow's impossibility paradox is thereby suspended.

Deadline for applications to participate in the allocation procedure in the KIS: Tuesday, April 10, 2024 at 11:59 p.m.

You can find the offering chairs in the KIS (-Office) under Allocation procedure Bachelor theses. You can register there with 3 preferences.  If the demand exceeds the capacity that a chair has to process, it will select from the participants, who will hopefully be considered with regard to the remaining preferences. If someone does not get a place even with 3 preferences, they will be contacted individually by e-mail by Thursday, April 18 at the latest.

Anyone who registers more than once for a preference will be removed from the allocation procedure and will have to wait 6 months. So please pay attention to your registration status. You will be able to view your participation in the KIS Office in the 16th calendar week at the latest:

Participation: Chair name - Prof. (final status)

The chair will also contact you. Do not be confused by the large number of e-mails generated by the KIS!


Formal registration at the examination office is required on the respective registration date! (form)

Please note: There is no longer a standard start date. The registration date for the Bachelor thesis is agreed with the issuing supervisor.

Note: For Bachelor's theses in technical subjects, please contact the technical chairs directly.

Flowchart for crediting and repetition options for elective and compulsory elective modules (not official)

Important: A change of elective or compulsory elective modules must be reported to the Department for Examination Matters!


Notes on the procedure for two examination dates in one semester

  1. There are two examination dates in one semester (possibly in the first month of the following semester). No examination is offered in the following semester.
  2. Students register for examinations during the regular examination registration period. Students can choose between both dates. It is not possible to register for both dates.
  3. The examination results should be published within two weeks of the first examination. At the same time, the date for the inspection must be announced; this should take place no later than two weeks before the repeat examination.
  4. All students who did not pass the first examination, have deregistered or have reported sick for the first examination can register for the second examination in person at the Examinations Office up to one week before the second examination.
  5. Supplementary oral examinations are not affected by this and can take place after the second examination at the beginning of the following semester.


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Forms of examination in the WiWi department

Information on seminars, study and research projects, Bachelor's and Master's theses.


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