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Tests are so awful because the biggest fool can ask more questions than the smartest person can answer.

Registration for the economic Bachelor seminars

You can register for the bachelor seminars in the KIS office until Tuesday, Feb. 02 at 12:00.

Every interested person may apply only once (in capital letters: O N E) for a bachelor seminar of SS 2022. Business administration students who have to complete two seminars and absolutely must (do not want to!) take two seminars, please contact me by e-mail. They will be guaranteed a place at those seminars that are suffering from a lack of demand. Those who register twice will be removed from the allocation procedure. Please note! Stupidity or cheekiness should not be rewarded by increasing the probability of participation.

In the case of overcrowded seminars, a selection of participants will be made by the chairs. Those who were not "chosen" have the chance to apply for free seminar places in a second round. For this purpose, an individual request will be sent by e-mail. Please note that it is the rhrk address to which the e-mail is sent.


Registration for master seminars, master theses, study and research projects

Registrations for master seminars, master theses, study and research projects are made directly with the teaching areas, for master theses, study and research projects the corresponding registration forms are to be submitted to the Department of Examination Affairs.

Anmeldeformular Studienprojekt Bachelor WI

Anmeldeformular Forschungsprojekt Master BWL/BWL tQ

Anmeldeformular Forschungsprojekt Master WI

The registration form for the Master's thesis is available exclusively from the Department of Examination Affairs..

Registration for the WiWi bachelor thesis

The awarding procedure for the summer semester 2021 will start in May 2021 and will be completed by the mid of Mayat the latest.

Applicants for a Bachelor thesis can register for their first and second preference via the KIS-Office.
The allocation is based on preferences. If there are more registrations for a field of study than places available, the chairs are responsible for the selection. If both the first and the second preference are not used, an automatic redistribution takes place according to the remaining free capacities.
Those who would like to write a bachelor thesis in the summer semester 2021 register with the KIS. Please register once for the first and second preference.  You will find the entry options in the KIS office under the summer semester 2021:

Registration for the Bachelor Theses SoSe 2021
- Applications first preference
- Applications second preference

and then department and professor*in

Please register only with one supervisor at a time! Violations will be punished by removal from the award procedure.

The total capacity will correspond to the number of applications.

A formal registration at the examination office is required on the respective registration date! (Form)

Attention: There is no longer a uniform start date. The registration date of the Bachelor thesis will be arranged with the issuing supervisor.

In the summer semester the times will be as follows:
Start: approx. 15 October
End: approx. 20 October

Note: For Bachelor theses in the technical subjects, please contact the technical chairs directly.

Preliminary examination dates in summer semester 2021

Notes on the procedure for two examination dates in one semester

  1. There are two examination dates in one semester (possibly in the first month of the following semester). No examination is offered in the following semester.
  2.     Students register for exams during the regular exam registration phase. Students can choose between both dates. Registration for both dates is not possible.
  3.     The examination results should be published within two weeks after the first examination. At the same time, the date for the inspection must be announced; this should take place at least two weeks before the repeat examination.
  4.     All students who did not pass on the first date, who have cancelled their registration again or who have called in sick on the first date can register for this in person at the Examinations Office up to one week before the second examination.
  5.     Oral supplementary examinations are not affected by this and can take place after the second examination at the beginning of the following semester. 

Modules with two examination dates in one examination period (semester)

Summer semester 2020


  • Einf. i.d.VWL und Mikroökonomik: 19.10.
  • Grundlagen nachhaltigen Wirtschaftens: 19.10.
  • Steuern und Wirtschaftsprüfung: 20.10.
  • Logistik I,II: 21.10.
  • Finanzberichterstattung: 21.10.


  • Schwerpunkt: Economic Theory/Financial Economics: 19.10.
  • Schwerpunkt: Steuern und Wirtschaftsprüfung: 20.10.
  • Schwerpunkt: Industrieökonomik: 21.10.


Winter semester 2020/21


  • Spieltheorie: 14.04.2021
  • Grundzüge der Makroökonomik: 15.04.2021
  • Einf. i.d. VWL und Wirtschaftspolitik: 16.04.2021


(jeweils die Module, die im Winter angeboten werden)

  • Schwerpunkt: Industrieökonomik: 13.04.2021
  • Schwerpunkt: Economic Theory/Financial Economics: 15.04.2021


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